Supernatural Season 8 Episode 1 | Supernatural Season 8 Premiere

Supernatural Season 8 Episode 1 | Supernatural Season 8 Premiere
Instead of wasting premiere time on a hunt-of-the-week, the episode focuses much more on reestablishing Sam and Dean’s relationship and introducing a myth arc that new showrunner Jeremy Carver tells us will be a season-long story. The brothers have a lot of long conversations in this episode, without telling each other much — but the audience learns plenty. It’s a really strong episode that has us more excited to watch than we’ve been in years. Here are five things to look forward to this eyear.

Fans have been concerned that Sam’s abandonment of the hunt feels out of character, and in some ways, it does — but that’s acknowledged by the writers through Dean, who isn’t pleased to learn that Sam didn’t look for him. As for promising each other they’d try to be “normal,” Dean says incredulously, “We always ignored that because of our deep and abiding love for each other!”

He doesn’t let Sam off the hook easily — especially when he learns that Sam has ignored Kevin’s frantic calls for months since Sam ditched all his phones. Still, Dean doesn’t seem to take it as a personal offense, and though he’s disappointed in Sam’s actions, this doesn’t feel more damaging to their relationship than anything that’s come before. Emotionally, Sam is in a place that reminds us a lot of Season 1. He’s got a mission to fulfill, and then he wants to try to live a normal life. (Also on the subject of Sam — it seems Carver has brought back the brainiac we met in Season 1. Without Bobby to call for research, we’re reminded of just how smart the younger Winchester is. And we like it.)

The opening scene of the episode is a little like the openings we got used to in the early part of Season 1, with an old-fashioned horror story cold open that gets turned on its head and given a Winchester twist. The desaturated colors and classic rock have also made a comeback. (Yes, we’re planning on writing Carver a thank-you note for that.) Oh — and of course, we do have a new title card, which follows the “word of God” theme of the season.

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